Service Strategy

Service Strategy

Service Strategy

Many organisations embark on the procurement of an MPS without having an agreed Print Strategy. We consider the printing infrastructure to be a strategic asset and it should be managed as such. Without a clear, defined and agreed strategy how can an organisation be sure of what they want the MPS to deliver, ensure that it supports the overall business objectives and is aligned with their technology strategies?

transcend360 work with key stakeholders to support the development of a Print Strategy that is aligned to the business and will deliver significant and relevant benefits.  Our consultants speak the language of business, of IT and of print. We can provide:

  • 360 analysis of the business including business strategy and technology alignment
  • Operations and process review
  • Strategic roadmap development
  • Recommendations for monitoring progress

To support the development of the service strategy transcend360 deliver assessment, analysis and advice based on the three strategic questions;

“where are we now?”
“where do we want to be?”
“how do we get there?”

We typically will work with the customer to carefully think through possibilities, understand costs, review risk, and ultimately select the right strategic direction.  Strategic discussions are translated into meaningful document(s) that are accessible to users across the business, ensuring everyone understands the reasoning and objectives behind the Print Strategy.

The critical benefit of having a Print Strategy is that it will ensure that an organisation has a clear view of where it wants to go together with a path defining how to get there, and can therefore focus resources on projects that deliver maximum benefit to the business at the lowest cost whilst minimising risk.