Service Operation

Service Operation

The requirement to manage the service does not stop once the service has been fully implemented and is operating (BAU). The focus shifts from implementation to Service Assurance (SA). SA ensures that the service being delivered to the organisation meets its requirements and any supplying partner delivers on their agreed contractual obligations (based on agreed service levels documented in Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

transcend360 offer a range of three services within this phase of the lifecycle:

  • Service Level Management
  • Demand and Change Management
  • Benefits Realisation

Service Level Management
Services and service suppliers do not manage themselves and it is important that the customer remains in control of service delivery. We have experience of managing services using SLAs and service level reporting. Our approach to active management ensures that the customer remains in control and drive the contract, ensuring that the service supplier delivers the expected service quality and service levels to enable delivery of the expected benefits.

We can support Service Review Meetings ensuring that the supplier delivers on their contractual obligations. Where remedial activities are required we can ensure that agreed actions are suitable and are fully implemented to agreed timescales.

We can also support contract recovery. There are many examples of customers not fully receiving the services they expected from a service provider but then being unable to fully resolve the issues. We can work with you to bring the contract back under your control.

Demand and Change Management
No organisation remains static. It is vital therefore that services develop in line with your changing requirements. We have experience of managing the delivery of services, ensuring that they remain in line with your needs and any changes are implemented in a controlled and sustainable manner.

Benefits Realisation
Achieving the full benefits available from an MPS requires active management and investment of customer resources. It is not unusual for service delivery teams to focus on managing the delivery of the service and lose sight of delivering the benefits of the service to the business. We can work with the Customer to ensure that benefits are fully realised.