Service Design

Service Design

Service Design

Service design explores business requirements and develops services which meet the business demands.

When designing new or improving existing services transcend360 consider all elements relevant to service delivery; we don’t just focus on the technical solution.  We focus on building complete solutions that are aligned with the IT Strategy and fully support the business.

The key first step in the design process is to understand and fully document the business requirements and drivers i.e. establish the need. We have consultants experienced in Business Analysis and consider the organisations requirements from five perspectives:

  • Strategic
  • Tactical
  • Operational
  • User
  • Financial

We believe it is critical at this stage to challenge the norm as simply outsourcing existing internal services is unlikely to be the best long term solution.  The service design stage is the ideal opportunity to improve business processes.

We take the output of the requirements analysis and based on the four P’s of service design (people, processes, product/technology and partners/suppliers) develop a full Service Design Package. The package will include some or all of the following:

  • Business requirements
  • Service design and specification
  • Service level requirements
  • Service acceptance
  • Organisational readiness
  • Dependencies and resources

Print Assessment

Key to understanding the business requirements is establishing the current costs.  Most organisations suspect that their cost of printing is probably too high but have no idea of their current costs or the savings potential.  Defining the baseline TCO establishes the true and complete cost of printing throughout the business and is the foundation of the MPS.  In addition, defining the organisations requirements is critical to implementing successful change.

Solution Design
transcend360 take the output of the Print Assessment and develop a full Solution Design covering hardware, software and services providing an unbiased supplier and technology agnostic solution.  Below are just a few of the benefits the proposed solution can typically deliver;

  • Printer fleet reduction and associated cost savings
  • Print volume reduction
  • Improved functionality
  • Control/Accountability
  • Increased efficiency and productivity

Security Design
transcend360 have significant experience with design and deployment of secure print solutions.  Securing your print environment is more than simple encryption of hard disks and overwriting of data.  It requires designing holistic solutions that manage the device and all communications.  This includes device identity, securing the device, securing data in transit and data at rest, user identity management, authorisation, audit etc. etc.  One weak link in any of these components and security can be compromised leaving the organisation vulnerable.  Many organisations do not fully appreciate the security risks associated with MFD’s and Printers.  Theses devices are no longer peripherals and if unsecured can leave a clients IT Infrastructure vulnerable to attack.  In our opinion the MFD must be as secure as other assets on the customers network such as servers and end user compute devices.  But don’t take our word for it..Print Security