Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

What is the problem with printing?


  • Users just want printers to work; click and print now
  • IT don’t find printing interesting, it’s a drain on resources; boring problems that take too long to fix
  • Procurement want to buy products; which model, how fast, how much?
  • Finance just want to devolve costs to departments

Is no-one interested?  They should be!

MPS Service Definition

The Managed Print Services Association (MPSA) define MPS as ‘the active management and optimisation of document output devices and related business processes’.

The key words within this definition are ‘active management’.  Many organisations still have a printing infrastructure that has grown organically over many years based on local tactical decisions and individual user’s demands.  This invariably leads to a sub-optimal print infrastructure with high overall cost of ownership.

The argument for managing print

There are numerous statistics quoted by suppliers of MPS suggesting that most organisations have more devices than they need, have high support costs, low utilisation of assets etc.   These include:

  • Most organisations do not know the full cost of printing across the business
  • Industry statistics show that most organisations spend between 1% and 3% of revenue on printed output
  • Un-managed print will have higher costs and lower service levels
  • Active management of print will reduce costs by 20% to 40%

These arguments will be used by almost every supplier of MPS; they are right but…..

Are customers achieving the expected benefits of MPS?

Partially, in most cases they are achieving benefits but not at the level described by the supplier or expected by the customer.

There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Customers do not clearly define what they want to achieve from the MPS and printing requirements are complex
  • MPS is not as simple as it looks and benefits realisation can be difficult, especially when linked to organisational change
  • Suppliers frequently over promise and under deliver
  • Customer and supplier goals are not aligned; customers want to save but suppliers want customers to spend
  • Customers usually turn to the suppliers for help, but will the supplier focus on customer requirements or sales targets?
  • Customers often focus on their general office printing and fail to consider other elements of printing such as print rooms or specialist printing (e.g. stationary, brochures, reports etc.)

transcend360 Value

Our unique, independent and unbiased approach ensures that an organisation wishing to implement an MPS gets the right solution to meet their specific requirements.

We can help you understand your current position and define your requirements.  We can support the procurement of the MPS including supplier selection. We can lead the deployment using our project and change management expertise.  We can assist with on-going contract management and continual service improvement.  We consider all elements of your printing eco-system.

In summary, we can support you through the full lifecycle of your MPS engagement to ensure you gain the maximum benefits and return on investment.

The following downloads provide further detail on Managed Print Services and how transcend360 can support your organisation:

Further documents and White Papers are available on our downloads page.