Continual Service Improvement

Continual Service Improvement (CSI) goes beyond basic Service Assurance and looks to ensure that the service is continually reviewed and opportunities to improve the service are identified.

The key issue facing the customer is simple, will a supplier really want to identify improvement opportunities that drive out benefits for the customer unless they also generate further revenue and/or profit for them?  Of course they should be looking at ways to drive down the cost of service delivery, but this will be in an effort to increase their margins rather than deliver additional benefits for the Customer.  In addition, suppliers will typically be looking at opportunities to expand their product and service penetration into you, not reduce your costs and potential spend with them.  You need to remain in control and make the decisions about how the MPS can be developed further to deliver benefits to you.

transcend360 can support the following CSI services:

  • Review management information and identify improvement opportunities
  • Present options and recommendations for implementing improvements
  • Help evaluate and prioritise improvement opportunities
  • Support delivery of improvement projects

The goal is to ensure that the MPS not only delivers the benefits expected but continues to develop in line with your business objectives, delivering long term sustainable benefits.