Our Approach

Five things make transcend360’s approach to MPS truly unique:

Customer focus

We focus on the customer’s requirements and their business needs.  Our recommendations are based on our skills, knowledge and experience and not limited by what a specific MPS provider wants to sell or able to deliver.

End to end support throughout the full MPS contract lifecycle

We provide end to end support throughout the full MPS contract lifecycle.  We can help at any stage of your engagement from strategy to design then onto selection and implementation. We can provide you with the support you need to implement and run a successful MPS.

True independence

We provide a truly independent and unbiased approach to MPS.  We do not provide any component of the outsourced solution and are not aligned to any manufacturer or provider of products and services.  Many organisations state they are ‘independent MPS providers’ but at the end of the day they are still providing a service and there recommendations will be based on what they are able to offer (and what makes the most profit?).  Our services focus on the customer’s individual requirements and what delivers the best value for them.

Industry expertise

In our team we have in excess of 20 years direct experience of MPS and many more years experience of IT service delivery.  We have worked on and delivered many successful MPS engagements in both the public and private sector.

Best Practice Model

Based on our knowledge and experience we have developed a best practice model, merging the ITIL framework with our practical experience of delivering MPS.  Our model contains a library of documents and resources that we use to quickly and effectively deliver support for end user customers wishing to deploy and manage an MPS.  This ensures that our engagement are built on a consistent, repeatable and sustainable model.