About Us

About Us

Who we are

Our team is comprised of professionals who have many years experience in the IT and print industry.  We have experience of working in some of the worlds leading IT service providers and print vendors.  We have been responsible for developing, delivering and managing large scale print services delivered into public and private sector organisations.  We are passionate about delivering quality that ensures our customers realise the full potential of their outsourced service and achieve value for money.

We have significant experience in:

  • IT service delivery
  • Print related technology
  • MPS project design, delivery and operation
  • Project management
  • Change management
  • Service management

Our work includes supporting the acquisition, deployment and management of MPS in a number of public and private sector organisations.

Value Proposition

“transcend360 provide a completely customer centric offering designed to support the most efficient and effective MPS service ensuring you realise the maximum benefits from your engagement.”

“Our goal is to restore control back to the customer through a range of consultancy services, ensuring that customers fully realise benefits from their MPS engagement”

Our approach makes us different

Four things make our approach truly unique:

Customer focus
We focus on what the Customer requires, not on what any specific supplier wants to sell.

End to end support throughout the full MPS contract lifecycle
transcend360 provide services that support the full MPS service lifecycle from strategy to design through transition and operation.

True Independence
transcend360 do not provide any component of the outsourced solution ensuring the solution focuses on customer needs.

Industry Expertise
We have many years experience within print and imaging, our White Papers illustrate our knowledge.