What does transcend360 deliver?

transcend360 provide independent and unbiased IT outsourcing consultancy specialising in Managed Print Services (MPS).  We provide services that support end user customers in the definition, acquisition, delivery and management of an MPS, providing support throughout the complete contract lifecycle.

Our services are customer focussed, designed to support the most efficient and effective MPS service lifecycle.  Through a range of consultancy services we work with you to ensure the full benefits are realised from your MPS engagement.  Click Our Services to find more detail on transcend360’s offerings and how we can help your organisation.

What’s happening in today’s MPS market?

Today’s MPS market is dominated by major hardware manufacturers, with four global vendors leading the market.  This has resulted in a market where customers are lead or worse still controlled by suppliers.  In this situation it is difficult for customers to gain the full benefits available from an MPS programme.  Many suppliers are still focussed on selling hardware and often use an MPS as a simple service wrapper around a hardware centric deal.

The MPS market is currently following a ‘supplier centric model’ where the supplier is driving the MPS requirements, defining what customer needs and delivering the solution.  In almost all cases it is the same supplier who conducts the assessment, produces the design, undertakes the delivery and leads the monitoring and management of service delivery.  transcend360 help the customer regain control of their MPS engagement, ensuring you get what you want and not what the supplier wants to sell. Our goal is to change the MPS market from ‘supplier centric’ to ‘customer centric’.

What is true independence?

transcend360 do not provide hardware, technology, break/fix or any other component of the outsourced solution.  We are not aligned to any manufacturer or provider of products and services.  This ensures that all elements of the engagement focus on the customer’s individual requirements.  Our independent and unbiased approach is:

  • Technology independent
  • Manufacturer independent
  • Supplier independent
  • Outcome independent

transcend360 provide a completely supplier agnostic customer centric offering designed to support the most efficient and effective MPS service lifecycle, giving control back to you and ensuring that you fully realise the benefits from your MPS engagement.